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Grammar is as unavoidable as Gravity. And the more consciously you follow its rules, the better you’ll express your intelligence. It’s that simple. If you want to make a good impression on literally anyone reading your work, you’ll inevitably have to submit your words to the proofreading process.

In short, proofreading is about finding errors both small and large that were either missed or introduced during editing. Proofreaders ensure that the document’s final draft is completely free of grammatical errors as well as formatting and typographical errors.

Stylistic Proofreading

So imagine instead of writing a text, you delivered a speech. Basic proofreading in that case would ensure that everything you said simply made sense. It would erase your umms and ahhs and balance your pauses. But if you wanted to grab your audience’s attention you’d need to engross them in what you have to say.

For that, you need to enhance your style, just as a speaker could project their voice or make their sentences flow. In proofreading terms, we weave your sentences together, make your phrases more direct and space out your points, all so you can earn a standing ovation from your reader.  

Clarity Proofreading

This is the most we can ethically do for you. We want you to write amazing prose but we can’t draft the whole piece for you. However, we can be your personal literary editor; not just correcting and adjusting your language but suggesting ideas for its overhaul. We can advise you very, very closely on what you can do to become a great communicator.

To be clear, ‘clarity’ does not mean simplifying your ideas. It entails ensuring that your language only helps your intended meanings and never obscures them. As such, we become your human Thesaurus. Trust us when we say that there is always a ‘more right’ way of saying absolutely anything. We’ll guide you to it.


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